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Mirror KB Ranch is located in the northwest corner of Montana, about 23 miles south of Libby, and adjacent to the scenic Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area.  Besides raisin' quality grass-fed beef an' horsin' around with our Appaloosa horses, we are professional equine photographers and writers for various equine publications and markets. 

As a side line we also offer many of our photographic images on casual riding apparel as well as a variety of gifts for the horse lover.  Our products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeved t's, coffee mugs, reese trailer hitch covers, horsemen's ballcaps, mouse pads, and much, much more.

NOW,  Mount up....You're invited to ride down the many trails here at the Mirror KB. Take your time, rein in often and slide off to cool your saddle once in awhile. For future re-rides, remember to flag your trail to the Mirror KB, but remember to refresh your mount once in a while.  We hope you enjoy your ride!

2019 Calendars!

2019 Robert Fuller

Black and White Publicity Photos

Robert Fuller 2019 calendar


From Around the Ranch
2019 Black and White Calendar

2019 Black and White calendar - From Around the Ranch




Around the Ranch
2019 Full Color Calendar

2019 Full Color Calendar - Around the Ranch



End of an Era 

To learn more about our photography trot your horse down our main photography trail.  

To check out our circuit of galleries of equestrian apparel and gifts use our drop down menu above or use the search this site option to find exactly what you are looking for.   

For your convenience, use our pack horse for secure online shopping.  If you have problems with the shopping cart (a.k.a the Packhorse) you still have a couple other options
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Our products include:

Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Long Sleeved T-shirts,  Vapor Performance T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Coffee Mugs,  Greeting Cards, Mouse Pads, Key Fobs, ballcaps, tote bags, decals, bumper stickers, and trailer hitch covers 

If you're like us an' are a huge fan of Robert Fuller - of Laramie, Wagon Train and Emergency fame - you simply must  ride over to check out our special line of  Robert Fuller casual wear an' other great products of which Bob Fuller has given us his full consent.

Robert Fuller-guns

Professional equine photographery for stallion or ranch promotion  

Now, if you're simply in need of a professional equine photographer to help you get those extra special images that every breeder needs in order to promote their stallion or farm, rein down this trail.




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Design your own mug, mouse pad, t-shirt or any other item we sell

If you've ridden down all of our trails, an' their side trails, but still can't find a design that suits you, then rein your horse down this trail. We'll help you design your own personal mug, mouse pad, T-shirt, or a your choice of any other product that we sell.

Looking for information on broodmares, raising foals, or just general horse care?  Check out our page of articles.  As freelance writers we specialize in the horse, and now have many of our published articles on line.

Lookin' for a healthier way to eat but you don't want to cut out meat altogether? Ride herd on our 100% Grass-Fed Ranch Raised Beef.

Grass-Fed RAnch Beef

"Happy Cows" make good eatin'.

Now if'n your just out for a ride an' would like to ride along with us on a Montana trail then hop on your horse an' join the Twin Wranglers out on the trail

Also, if you'd like to gain a little insight into what it's like bein' twins on a small ranch in Montana, then ride on over to our blog, Tales of the Twin Wranglers.

Check out our special line of Greeting Cards. Beautiful, fun, and unique greeting cards for those of you who still prefer to send greetings to your friends and loved ones via snail mail.

ball caps for horsemen

Ball Caps - Youth an' Adult - are now available
Robert Fuller Fandom Rider Caps as well as Horsemen's Ball Caps


Christmas ornaments

Hang these beautiful ceramic Christmas Tree Ornaments
on your Christmas Tree or give them to a friend.

You can also get a personalized ornament.
Just send us a photo and we'll do the rest.

If you've a mind to, please ride on over to visit us on Facebook

Twin Wranglers
Twin Wranglers



If'n you've enjoyed your ride here at the Mirror KB we'd sure appreciate it if you would take a few moments to recommend our outfit to your friends and other members of your family.

Before you leave, you're welcome to stop by the ranch house to get to know a little more about us or ride on over to the round pen for a training session.  If you mosey on over to the barn we'd love to show off our beautiful orphan filly.  Please remember to sign our guest book before you rein your horse out the gate. Now, if you're fightin' at the bit to get to some other place, this trail will take you to linking trails that will take you to other great horse related spreads.


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You may also order via e-mail or by telephone if you prefer.

If you're interested in obtaining more information about our products or grass-fed beef, you are welcome to contact us at:

Mirror KB Photography & Gifts

1132 Arabian Lane

Libby, MT 59923-7982


Phone: (406) 293-6586




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